Being an artist and maker is so much more than just creating. It's inventory, emails, social media, filling orders, listing work online, and so many other things.


Why not take that time back?


Whether it's following up with customers, organizing product, retouching photos, or being an extra set of hands, I can take on what needs to get done but takes time away from what you love to do.



    About Me    

Several years ago, I by chance started working for an artist in Philadelphia. I became her studio manager - taking care of all the behind the scenes work, continuously getting the studio organized, and keeping on top of orders, while also giving creative input when needed.


What I realized during this time, was that I LOVED it.


I have a passion for organization, list making and generally getting things done, and I use the skills that I enjoy to help others focus on what they enjoy. Sometimes I’m at home helping with people’s digital work. Sometimes I’m in their studio packing for a show, getting together orders or organizing their supplies. And sometimes, I’m a sounding board for creating a to do list to get a new project off the ground. But no matter what I’m doing, my goal is to give you more time to do what you love - create.



Some of what I do


  • Organizing wholesale orders, custom orders, and online orders

  • Filling orders

  • Contacting customers and stores for order details, payments, etc

  • Cleaning and organizing studios

  • Checking on inventory

  • Listing products online

  • Social Media

  • Graphic design - ie flyers, postcards, business cards, signage

  • Photographing product and editing photos

  • Quality control

  • Packing and shipping


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